34 Defense (Blitzes)


34 Even

Mike Scrape 

1. Base Align

2. Spread Linebackers

3. Move Blitzing OLB out five yards or so

4. Re Blitz the weird angle blitzing linebacker

5. User whoever you want

** Can be flipped **

34 Even 

Recommended plays after mixing in Mike Scrape – Cover Two, Cover 3, Cover 4 and sometimes Two Man Under – 

Blitz from any of those plays:

1. Base Align

2. Blitz the right of OLB – (Move out 5 to 7 yards)

3. Shift D Line Left 

3. Crash D Line Down (Once set)

4. Re Blitz DT

5. If you have time – Move other OLB out and out in zone/man or leave in blitz.

6. If you leave the olb in the blitz (Contain) Doesn’t work as well but works vs play action

** Can be flipped **

Quarters 1 3 7

Under Smoke

1. Show Blitz

2. Qb Contain

3. Roam around with the player covering the rb – (Watch for quick drags and slants. The blitz will come in quick.


Prowl Cover 2

1. Global Blitz all linebackers

2. Qb Contain

This is a good run defense. Yes it blitzes 7 so obviously you will create pressure. This defense isn’t for everyone. I run this when I want them to make a mistake and throw in to the flats or hit the quick drag route that I user cover with the corner that is in a yellow or the FS.