Quick Tips

This section is filled with quick tips from our e-books

Reading an e-book can be exhausting. So we pulled out of the e-book the questions you guys have! Instead of searching all the e-books made from the best players in the world. We have made a cheat sheet – a cliff notes version.

  1. Defense
    1. How to stop the deep balls
    2. How to stop corner routes
    3. Fb dive defense
    4. Qb sneak defense
    5. Hb toss defense
    6. Goaline defense
    7. Updated Blitzes
  2. Offense
    1. How to block blitzes and nanos
    2. How to throw the deep ball against all coverage’s
    3. 4th and long offense
    4. Offense to help beat cover 3, and 4 abusers
    5. Offense to help beat press man abusers