The Madden Coach Team

The Madden Coach Team:

Ranked & Tournament Players:

The number one ranked player in the world on Xbox 1


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History of Idrunkdat


Rank Number 1


Rank Top 10

2nd Member of the team:

Chris Goodman: (Assassin757)

Madden History:


Madden 09 GameStop Store Champ
Madden 09 GameStop District Champ


NFL Hall of Fame Tournament Canton, Ohio Final 16
Madden 10 GameStop Store Champ
Madden 10 GameStop District Champ
GameContenders BallersBowl Champion
LAB Super Bowl Showdown Runner Up


GameContenders NSU Madden Tournament Champion
Madden Bowl 10 Runner Up


NSU Madden Tournament Champion
Game Contenders Ballers Bowl Runner Up
Delaware Madden Tournament Runner Up
Virgin Gaming Madden Challenge Finals NYC Top 256


Ranked #13th in the Nation
Madden 13 GameStop District Champion
Harrisburg PA BallersBowl Tournament Final 4
ATL Madden 25 Tournament Top 6


2nd Place in Gridiron Gaming $1000 Madden 15 Tournament
C4 Season 26 XB1 Runner Up
Final 8th Gridiron Gaming $2000 Madden 15 Tournament
Final 4 Gridiron Gaming $500 Madden 15 Tournament


West Coast Madden Pro League Super Bowl Champion Season 7 (1st Time in the League)

Radio Interview: starts at the 40 min mark

MUT and Tournament Players:

USCxTrojansX (Follow him on twitch)

The man has beaten the best MUT players in the world. He has beaten Problem, Rose Bowl, and much more! Check the rankings to see USCxTrojansX in the top 10!


Another top ten MUT player, has been playing for many years and been killing it! Check out his twitch channel as well to watch another top MUT player dominate the competition!

Infamous (DevilOh)

A top 100 MUT player that makes great e-books and continues to dominate the competition as he is in the top 100 too!

Our team is full of talent and knowledge! We want to help the madden community grow. We want to make you forget about the other sites that cheat you and the game. We are honest players that play the game right. Watch our twitch and see how we play. We will give you the tools to do whatever you like, as well as give you the tools to win games! Take it from us, the best players in the world!