Madden 16 Pre-Release

EA Sports, has pre released Madden 16 for Xbox One. Many Madden players, myself included downloaded the game and started playing immediately. I have been getting a lot of negative feedback about the new features. Which is crazy, because the new game, is exactly that! A new game! Controls, graphics, strategies, and game styles are completely different. So before everyone tries to throw madden away and give up on it before it comes out, we have to remember the changes madden brings every year!

What does this mean? Well, for starters, the bad habits and routines developed during previous years need to be thrown away. The plays ran last year might not work the same as this year. This doesn’t mean that defense is too good, or defense can’t be beat. It means we need to adjust and enjoy the new features!

So what can you do to start adapting to the new madden? Start by learning the new features. A simple yet effective way to do this is by going to practice mode. Play the new mini games and get familiar with the new game! Don’t go play ranked games and get frustrated because nothing works like it used to!

Understand these three frustrations before playing!

1Unrealistic Catches – I am sure we can all appreciate the Odell Becham Jr. catch! It was unreal! That doesn’t mean that it should be in Madden all the time. You will see these catches all year until they fix it, or you adapt and learn the new features. In the beginning it seemed to be very similar to the Jump catch last year. That being said, learning the game and understanding the new features gives you a better chance to defend the Hail Mary type of throws and catches. The new controls and animations on defense give you more chances to defend these plays! More than last year in my opinion.

2Inaccurate QB – Yes! Often times you will overthrow a receiver, and other times you will throw it behind the receiver. Bad throws happen in real life, and now happen in the game. Take the time to get used to the QB timing. The timing will make or break the play. This feature brings something new to the game that hasn’t really been there in the past. A little more realistic, but frustrating seeing as how it is VIDEO GAME!

3 – –Difficulty Controlling the Running Back – This is something that again will take practice. It isn’t as easy to control the running back this year. It will take some time to get used to. Once you do, you will like the game much more.

Don’t judge the game by what others say, or by not giving it a full chance. Every year the game comes out and no one likes the new features. Over time everyone will adjust and begin to like the new features. This is will be a fun year for Madden!

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